It take a lot of courage to live a dream… My prayer today is I continue to have the courage.

Last night I had a dream come true. I taught my first public fitness class. Now granted if you know me this wasn’t your traditional gym fitness class. No this was whole centered female fitness class, and man are my glutes letting me know they came alive last night.

So what made this class so different? Well, vulnerability that is what. This was a class that so many of us woman crave, but are too fear driven by shame to even try. It was about moving our bodies in ways they crave to move, the natural flow of movement, the way they are designed to move. We did push-ups but not military boot camp style, no we did slow moving dragging our chest and face along the ground as our bottoms stuck up in the air. Gliding our bodies to the rhythm of the music, breathing in slow and deep. In a safe space, the lioness den. Where the pride was strong and would protect her follow sister.

After class I asked, “Did you realize you guys did hip bridges squeezing that ball between your legs for three whole songs?” The response I got was, “No I was so focussed on…”. Me: “YES!!!! Do you know what that means, you were present, focussed on what and where your body was. You were listening to the flow and becoming one in that moment with your heart, head, and body. ALIVE, EMPOWERED, free to just be in that moment!!!!” This was truly a dream come true for me.

A little back story, I was once one of those people that asked, why? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Feeling lost in a sea of overwhelm. Then along came some beautiful teachers that taught me things like altruistic, in serving others we become free, we have certain needs two of the big ones being growth and contribution.

Of course I went into the well, “what do I have to offer blah blah blah blah…….” You know all those messages we hear, the Beverly Goldberg voice in my head trying to protect me from becoming too vulnerable and getting hurt.

Then slowly I realized I had passions, desires, knowledge. Heck I have lots and lots of knowledge, I’m blessed to be married to a man that encourages me to gather knowledge to go out and change the world. I have spent 75% of my life over the last 7 years doing nothing but gathering knowledge. Knowledge about the brain, hormones, the biological differences in men and women. How men behave and why, how women behave and why, how our bodies work and why, what we need, what helps with diseases…….. My hubby often teases had I done it through school I’d have two or three phd’s by now. The last seven years doesn’t include the life time of studying my true hearts desire, the body, exercise, and the countless nutritional books I’ve read.

So what happens when you bring all these things together? You have a whole lot of know how in changing, what it take, and how to do it. It crazy how text book it really is. It doesn’t matter which new book I picked up they all said the same basic things. There were some great science backed studies that explained the why, but it all is the same no matter how hard I looked for that magic secret it kept coming up the same time and time again. I had to take a lot of self honest appraisal realizing that in my life I was the common denominator in all of it.

So what does any of this have to do with last night. Well I finally shared some of that yummy knowledge I had stored in my head that had changed me, that brought me to whole centered living. I was able to share the tips, tricks, and tools I use to empower myself by listening to what my body, mind, and spirit truly desired while being connected to other women, scary but a huge need of mine. I was able to share that same gift with others that wanted the same and were willing to get vulnerable and become authentic, unafraid. And that my friends is me living my purpose.

The funny thing I’ve found about my purpose, wasn’t knowing what it was or is, its about being brave enough to live it. I said a prayer this morning to my creator to give me the courage to do what I needed to do again today. As living in purpose vs not is a whole new high. The fear of walking off the ledge into purpose is scary and hard, but the reward of living in my purpose is priceless.

Thank you @austinchan for the pic… Love it!!!



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